HY-WDS2EPro anemometer 0-70 m/s
HY-WDS2EPro anemometer 0-70 m/s
HY-WDS2EPro anemometer 0-70 m/s

HY-WDS2EPro anemometer 0-70 m/s


Brief Introduction

HY-WDS2EPro Ultrasonic 2D Anemometer is a compact ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction sensor. It is designed to simultaneously measure the 2-dimensional horizontal components of the wind speed and direction. Using ABS shell, Weight is lighter and Structure is more stable. Build-in own intelligent heating module, It can work normally under the cold and freezing weather. Mainly used in highway, meteorology, drilling platform, waterway, port, wind power generation, shipping, and automatic meteorological station, etc.

Our anemometer was made in molded thermoplastic, also known as ASA, which has high outdoor weather ability. ASA is extremely resistant against UV radiation of sun, it  is frost and heat resistant, standing all climatically conditions.The product is widely used in 

the automotive industry as well as several other outdoor applications.

Key Features 

  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Using engineering plastic or aluminum alloy shell make it lighter 
  • Adopts the reflecting type of ultrasonic probe, the structure is more compact 
  • using acoustic phase compensation technology, precision is higher 
  • Build-in three axis electronic compass 
  • 3D acceleration module can provide the stability of the vertical and horizontal swing data

Technical Specification


Measure Range



Wind Speed



0.1m/s(0.2 knots)

Wind Direction



Threshold of wind speed: 0.1m/s

Output rate

1 data per second

Power supply

7-30VDC  10mA@12VDC

Start up time

< 2 seconds

Protection Class


Operating Temp.

-40℃ to +70℃

Storage Temp.

-50℃ to +80℃

Output options


Color options

White-default or Black

Optional protocol

MODBUS-RTU,NEMA0183,Active output,SDI-12



Material of body

ASA  0.36 kg


24 months; Mean Time Before Failure: 10 years



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