About Us

HongYuv Technology Co., Ltd. was established by a group of Electronics Engineers in 2005. Since the day of its establishment, HongYuv dedicated in designing and manufacturing high quality meteorological sensors and optical sensors for the professional market.

HongYuv is Chinese leading manufacturer of weather station (CE approved) and road monitoring device, Our main product includes ultrasonic wind sensor, radar rain gauge, compact weather station(solar panel power supply optional), remote road status sensor, visibility sensor, photometer, transmissometer.

Our meteorological products are widely used in traffic control, offshore platforms and wind plant.

We are proud to be a reliable and capable company acknowledged by our clients.

We develop and manufacture following products:

- 2D ultrasonic anemometer

- 24GHz Radar rain gauge

- Optical rain gauge
- all-in-one ultrasonic weather station
- forward scattering visibility sensor
- infrared remote road surface state & temperature sensor
- tunnel luminance/illuminance sensor

- tunnel ultrasonic airflow sensor, CO/VI sensor

- Davis VP2 compatible solar radiation, ultrasonic anemometer(plug & play)

We have installed hundreds thousands of weather stations all over the world.
You can download our site photos at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wN2zEb4zAoipEkGkNUNC4opmm3BCsw8e

Contact Us
Contact : Stefan
Phone : +86 18681878709
Email : stefan@hongyuv.com
QQ : 2146432059
Skype : stefan@hongyuv.com
Wechat : wswgenius
Address : Room 7th,Floor 3rd ,Block 1st, Xinye Road 4th,Gaoxin Zone,Pidu Zone,Chengdu City,Sichuan Province,China