IoT Solutions based on our cloud platform suitable for meteorological agriculture weather monitoring

2021-09-07 09:26:00

By adding a RS485 to ethernet, LTE,5G or WIFI module, you can achieve serval goals as following:

You can buy those modules from us, and we will finish all configuration before shipment.

    • Data of all our sensor can be uploaded to our IoT platform and viewed via phone, app, website, WeChat.
    • Data of all our sensor can be downloaded in*.xls EXCEL format to via email, web browser
    • You will be alerted by email, wechat once the trigger condition is met, no worries to miss any key data.
    • Historical comparision curve between multiple sensors will help you evaluate perforamnce of each of them.
    • Configuration programming is supported.

Below are screenshots for your reference.

Add trigger conditions:

Realtime Curve of wind speed

Historical data of wind speed

Graphic interface after configuration programming.

APP on Andorid

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