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Road Surface Sensor
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Product Intro

HY-RSS11 Non-contact Road Surface State Sensor


HY-RSS11 is a non-contact road surface state detector, thanks to remote sensing technology it’s taken, it can not only avoid damage to the road, But also traffic interference during its installation. Multispectral measurement technology enables accurate detection of thickness of ice,snow,water on surface of the road.

HY-RSS11 detector is ideal choice for road conditions where installation of embedded pavement sensor is inc onvenient or inapplicable. Remote installation, means that there is no need to slot-cut surface or shut down the road, its installation is safe and convenient. It’s almost free of maintenance and ideal choice for road meteorological systems. It can be installed on existing weather stations or on other buildings which has unobstructed view to pavement.

The HY-RSS11 detector is installed in a robust durable housing to ensure it’s stable working and providing accurate data during bad weather.

By providing accurate road state information, HY-RSS11 can alarm road management department to take appropriate remedial action.  before weather elements has created a hazardous driving surface


Detect thickness of ice, snow, water on surface of the road

Remotely monitor road state

No embedded installation

Low maintenance cost

Can be integrated into existing road monitoring system


Bridge road

Accident-prone areas

Intense traffic area

Rain and snow-prone areas


  • Remote monitoring water, ice and snow
  • Remote surface state sensing
  • Measure amount of water, ice, and level of grip
  • No embedded installation
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Infrared detection, distance up to 15.5 meters
  • Easy for installation with shutting down the road
  • Robust structure

Technical Parameters



Measuring distance

2-15  m

Measuring radius

25.4 cm



Power Supply


Power Consumption


Operating Temperature

-40 ºC to +70 ºC

Operating Humidity

0 to 100%

Measuring Range

Water 0.00—10mm

Ice 0.00—10mm

Snow 0.00—10mm

Level of Grip 0.00—0.80

Road surface temperature-400C to  +600C (optional)



Lens Contamination Detection

Automatic lens contamination level detection and compensation

Road Surface

Concrete, asphalt pavement

Communication Interface



>18000 hours


Infrared measuring technology, no radiation

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