How to choose a HongYuv ultrasonic anemometer?

2019-10-26 15:25:00
Summary :This article will help you choose a suitable ultrasonic anemometer and understand how to get it started.

Why do we measure wind?

Measurement of wind is crucial for weather prediction. Knowing current and historical wind speed and wind direction helps provide us decision-making information for climatic change, pollution control, turbine effect evaluation, aircraft landing safety.


What is future trend?

Mechanical cup and vane anemometers are occupying main market for many years.

Ultrasonic have been proven to be a matured technology and become more and more popular  through out the world attribute to its advantages below:

1. No moving parts means no wear and ZERO initial start-up wind speed.

2. Unlike wind cup and vane combination, ultrasonic realize two functions by one unit.

3. Reliable time of flight ultrasonic technology ask for no re-calibration after ex-work.

4. Self-diagnose function help you differentiate zero wind and no wind.

5. ZERO inertia make high speed sampling and REAL-TIME test result available.

6. No maintenance is needed after installation

Choosing HongYuv ultrasonic anemometer is choosing the most cutting-edge technology.


Should I choose HY-WDC2E or HY-WDS2E ultrasonic anemometer ?

HY-WDC2E can satisfy most of daily application for smart city, agriculture weather monitoring.

P.S. Category 1 Hurricane is only about 33.3 m/s.

HY-WDS2E ultrasonic anemometer is recommended if your budget is enough.

It has better looking and performance compared to HY-WDC2E.

Technical Comparison




Measure Range

0-40 m/s

0-60 m/s


0.1 m/s

0.01 m/s







Power supply


Eco-mode: 1mA@12VDC

GPS Option



Compass Option






Apart from above difference, HY-WDS2E can simultaneously output: instantenous wind speed, wind direction, 2 min MIN,MAX,AVG wind speed & direction,  10 min MIN,MAX,AVG wind speed & direction, Gust.

While HY-WDC2E can only output: instantenous wind speed, wind direction.


What information should I provide when placing order?

1. In order to calculate shipping charge for you, it’s better to provide your address with zip code.

2. Please specify where you’re going to install, some installation sites have electromagnetic interference(EMI), we have EMI-proof version for your option.

3. You will have to decide communication interface, we have RS232, RS485, SDI-12, 4-20mA for your option.

4. Communication protocol should be decided, we have NMEA0183, MODBUS-RTU, SDI-12 for your option.

5. Our standard communication & power supply cable come with anemometers is 4 meters long, please inform us if you have special  requirement for length. 

When do we need compass and GPS to be integrated on ultrasonic anemometer?

Digital compass is a selectable integration option for HongYuv HY-WDS series weather station adopted, which can measure intersection angle between geographical north direction and north marker on our weather station.

Compass is an ideal option for stationary measurement that you don't want to bother aligning north marker of our weather station to geographical north direction for every single measurement.

GPS option is used to counterbalance relative motion of weather station and help you get longitude and latitude.  Combination of compass & GPS is necessary when you want to measure relative wind speed, direction and true wind speed, direction.

True wind is the wind you feel by stay right on in-situ.

Relative wind is the wind you feel on a moving vehicle.

Basically we can make things easy by following rules below:

If you want to install our anemometer on vehicle and conduct measurement when it's not moving -> choose compass option.

If you want to install our anemometer on vehicle and conduct measurement when it's moving -> choose compass & GPS combination option.

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