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MINI Present Weather Sensor

HY-SLV3EVisibilitySensorMINIPresentWeatherSensorOverview   HY-SLV3Eisalowcostvisibilitysensor,usingsocalledbackscattertechniqueitmeasur

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Anemometer for Davis VP 2

HY-WDC2DVSE Ultrasonic Anemometer is completely powered by solar panel come with it. This model is customized to be completely compatible with...

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Air temperature and humidity sensor

HY-THBE is a rugged, accurate air temperature and relative humidity (RH) probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications

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Radar Precipitation sensor

Maintenance free and extremely fast measurement of precipitation type and intensity radar rain sensor.

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Vehicle Weather Station

HY-WDS65 vehicle compact weather station is professional meteorological station

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Handheld Weather Station

HY-WDC62 has a handle, convenient for users’ operation with single hand, weight only 0.85kg.

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Mini Weather Station

HY-WDC6 Mini compact weather station. It can simultaneously monitor multiple meteorological parameters: atmospheric temperature, atmospheric...

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All-in-one Weather Station

HY-WDS9 Mini Compact Weather Station is a civilian level integrated meteorological station developed by Hongyuv independently,it can simultaneously...

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Compact Weather Station


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Ultrasonic Anemometer

HY-WDS2 Ultrasonic 2D Anemometer is a compact ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction sensor. It is designed to simultaneously measure the...

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