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MINI Present Weather Sensor
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Product Intro

HY-SLV3E Visibility Sensor MINI Present Weather Sensor


     HY-SLV3E is a low cost visibility sensor, using so called backscatter technique it measures the amount of particles in the air that limit the visibility. Smog is composed of tiny water droplets and particles. The more particles exist in air, the stronger scattered light will be measured. HY-SLV3 can output standard visibility value reading in meters by calculating intensity of scattering light.
    HY-SLV3E visibility sensor is microprocessor controlled making possible to provide: calculated visibility in meters via digital or analog signal output.

Main Features

Back-scattering principle, compact structure

Weather status detection, identify rain, snow, hail

Various output signal for option.

No moving parts, maintenance-free

Easy to install and debug

Technical Specification

Measure Range

10-4000 meters

Weather Status

drizzle、sprinkle, rain, heavy rain; light snow, snow, heavy snow;



Light Source

IR LED-eye safe

Respond Time

1 second

Digital Output


Analog Output


Operating Temp

-30 50 °C

Operating Hum


Power Supply

VDC 7-30V

Power Consumption

0.2W(without heating: 3W)


80*55*42 mm(L*W*H)

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