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Portable Weather Station
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HY-WDS63 Portable  Weather Station


HY-WDS63 is compose of detection part and display part. Display part uses high brightness LED digital tube, even in bright light can also clearly see the display data. Aluminum alloy material tripod, up to 2.3 meters, weight is only 2.2kg, very light for carrying. In particular, the two part is very convenient and quick to install and disassemble. The detection and display part can also be powered by rechargeable lithium battery, HY-WDS63 can start measuring once it’s assembled and turned on. It's very simple and convenient to use. And built-in SD card slot, real-time storage of data. At the same time, the bottom part of the display also has a communication interface, and also facilitates the transmission of information through the cable to the computer for display and storage.


  • Compact, light weigh, total weight only 2.9 kg
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery last for over 10 hours
  • Built-in SD card slot, convenient for storage and transfer data
  • Built-in three axis electric compass, can calculate intersection angle with geophysical north direction
  • Built-in GPS Global Position System
  • Sensor comes with heating device to ensure normal work in cold weather
  • Simultaneously measure air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure and precipitation
  • Display part come with standard serial port
  • No moving parts, free of maintenance

Technical specification



Signal Output

Standard:  RS232/RS485           Optional: Bluetooth

Power Supply

Standard: 12-24VDC Optional:Lithium battery with duration over 10 hrs

Data output

1 per second

Data store

Built-in SD card slot


ABS+ castaluminium alloy


High brightness LED diode


Sensor:150*110*420mm tripod:2300mm


2600mm / 3200mm

Wind Speed

Wind speed detected,      Range:0 60m/s

Wind Direction

Wind direction detected,       Range:0 359°(no dead zone)

Air Temperature

Band gap sensor,       Range:-40 +80,         Resolution:0.1

Air Humidity

Capacitor polymer sensor,       Range:0100%,      Resolution:0.1

Air pressure

Capacitive MEMS sensor,       Range: 150 1020hPa,       Resolution:  0.1hPa


24G Radar Module,      Range:0-10mm/min,     canidentify rain/snow,,   Resolution:    0.01mm



Altitude of antenna

Height above mean sea level

Geographic altitude

Geoid Separation

Horizontal Accuracy

Horizontal longitude factor(0.5~99.9),       the smaller the more accurate

Traveling speed

Unit: knot or m/hour

Traveling course angle

intersection angle of north marker and geophysical north direction, clockwise, Max:359.9°

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