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solar panel power
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HY-SCB12 solar panel power supply for weather stations

with rechargeable batter


HY-SCB series solar panel power supply is specially designed for our weather station, it allows our weather
station work continuously under circumstances where power supply is not available, composed of solar panel, charger,
and standard 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. As we know the lead-acid cell in traditional solar power supply
makes it large in dimension and very heavy, on contrary.

The HY-SCB series solar panel power supply designed by HongYuv Technologies adopts advanced charge-disch arge control module, allows it to simultaneously and safelycharge-discharge for several sets of 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. The whole power source has lightweight and small dimension.The three components can be integrated by a specially designed aluminum alloy bracket, which makes the installation very easy and the whole system very compact with good looking.

Technical Parameters




                    Output Voltage



                    Output Current

0.5A (2A Max

1.5A (4A Max

            Battery Qty (18650 lithium)

24 Pcs

681624 Pes




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