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Tunnel Visibility Sensor
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Tunnel Visibility Detector(CO/VI)


       Tunnel is a special kind of tubular structures, due to the small space, if exhaust gas emitted by vehicles is not ventilated out timely, those particles will directly affected visibility in tunnel and endanger passengers and maintenance staff personal safety. The HY-VI is designed to collect real-time monitoring data of VI online, and provide them with traffic supervision departments, so as to provide decision-making basis for tunnel ventilation and road safety.

Working Principle

       HY-VI is a visibility detector of transmission principle based, both emitter/receiver and the reflector are installed and fixed alignment using bracket, highly focused optical beam is emitted by emitter then go through 3 meter optical path and reflected by reflector. The actual travel distance of optical beam is double optical path as 6 meters, the attenuation caused by dust is processed as the measured value. According to the requirements of Chinese tunnel construction, the visibility detector should be installed on the top or side wall of the tunnel.

       HY-VI visibility detector has its own compensation function. It can automatically self-compensated when the optical lens is contaminated, therefore, it has longer maintenance period.


1.     High resolution visibility measurement;

2.    The measurement is completely free from the influence of other stray light sources;
3.    Specially designed for harsh environment of tunnel;
4.    Measurement is totally free from vibration caused by environment and moving vehicles;
5.    Installation,running,maintenance is low cost;

6.     Instrument is equipped with state display, fault alarm and data storage function, which is convenient for debugging            and maintenance of equipment;

7.    Multiple output mode, easy for data collection;
8.    Unique compensation function allows a longer maintenance cycle;
9.    Non-contact, continuous visibility measurement;
10.  Using the latest microprocessor technology, fully digitized

Technical Parameters:

         Unit:                            VI                            value:1/m
Measure range:        V I: 0--35×10-3 1/m,
Optical path:               6 meters optical length(installation length is 3 meters)
Accuracy:                     V I:±0.0001 1/m
Digital output:             RS485
Compensation:          VI has self-calibration and automatic zero-calibration
Analog output:             two ways 0/4mA- 20mA(internal resistance<500Ω)


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